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My name is Kevin Ulrich and I live in Matawan, NJ. My love of photography started at a young age when my usual curiosity led me to a Canon AE-1 that was my fathers. I shot rolls of film throughout my childhood for fun and always had a love for the arts. When deciding on a college major, graphic design was a natural choice.


I started out of college as a web designer for a small production house and after a year moved on to JR Cigar as a junior web designer. After about two weeks, my boss at the time asked if I have ever done any photography. I, as the eager young grasshopper, boasted in reply about all the experience I had with my trusty 40-year old manual film camera. He responded by pointing to a door and saying, “See that door? The guy we outsource is too expensive. Go in there for two weeks and figure out how to take our product photography.” I was given the added title of staff photographer two weeks later.


Fast forward to 2017 and after 15+ years with JR Cigar, I now hold the title of Senior Photographer and Senior Designer. I also have two beautiful daughters, an awesome wife and two senior basset hounds. I strive in the studio environment to capture crisp, detail driven photos. While in my personal art, I like to get a little funky. I feel fortunate to be able to do what I love for a living.

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